Beginners Workshop Package 2018

beginners workshopPaula will be taking taking two, 2.5hr ‘Beginners Workshop’ in Jan 2018! It’s time to lock in your 2018 New Year Resolution!!

Sunday 7th Jan, 10:30am – 1pm AND Saturday 13th Jan, 10:30am – 1pm

Our 2.5hr Beginners Workshop Package is a great way to kick start your yoga practice, build confidence and get your body moving. This workshop is in a supportive, relaxed learning environment to allow you to build your confidence slowly and safely, while learning yoga!

For $119 you receive:

  • 2.5hr Beginners Workshop
  • 3 yoga classes (valued at $60)
  • A starter yoga mat (valued at $35)

In the 2.5hours, Paula will teach you the basics of yoga, with the intention to give you the confidence to attend any Yoga class. You will learn the most common positions, including;

  • Warrior Standing Positions
  • Sun Salute
  • Back Bends
  • Balances
  • Inversions

The workshop is in a supportive, safe environment to try new exercises and see if you are up for positions you may have thought you never could do. We purposely limit this workshop to 10 people. This means there’s plenty of opportunity to ask questions, receive personal attention, get feedback and learn more about yoga and how it feels in your body.

Cost: $119 (includes workshop, a brand new Yoga Mat plus 3x Free Yoga Classes after the workshop)
Workshop Time: Sunday 7th Jan 2018, 10.30 – 1.00pm AND Saturday 13th Jan 2018, 10.30 – 1.00pm
Teacher: Paula

Go ahead! Lock in your 2018 New Year resolution and Book Now!

Splits (Hanumanasana) Workshop

Splits Workshop**Join Jess for a 2hr ‘Splits (Hanumanasana) Workshop’ on Saturday the 25th Nov || 11am – 1pm**

Often seen as a pose accessible to only a few students, Hanumanasana (front splits) certainly is a challenge. This workshop will help you understand the mechanics of the pose and allow you to work through the various challenges it presents. Through a carefully structured sequence and skills & drills training, we will approach the splits with knowledge and courage.

During the 2hr workshop you will learn;
– the key components of the posture
– how to modify and use props to your advantage
– how to prepare your body for the pose
– how to safely move into the splits

The splits provides both physical and mental benefits which include:
– toning and strengthening muscles in the legs and abdomen
– you will feel more equipped and confident to work into this pose in your own practice
– through the learning process, the splits teaches you patience and dedication

This workshop will leave you feeling encouraged, inspired and ready to tackle the splits in your own self practice or during class. You may also feel tired but energised!!

Suitable for those who already have a regular yoga practice however modifications and options will be provided. Not suitable for complete beginners. If you have any questions, ask Aubrey!

Cost: Members $30 || Non Members $35
When: Saturday 25th Nov || 11am – 1pm
Duration: 2hrs
Teacher: Jessica Oldfield

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yoga-300x300Iain has been practising yoga for 10 years and yoga has always been a complimentary movement modality to his very active lifestyle. Being a tradesman by day and a surfer, runner, mountain biker by weekend, Iain relies on yoga to keep his body supple, strong and injury free. Read More

Ashtanga Workshop

Ashtanga WorkshopJoin Lexi for a 2hr Ashtanga workshop on Saturday 21 October 2017 || 10:30am – 12:30pm.

This is a structured Ashtanga workshop designed to teach you from start to finish the ins and outs of the Ashtanga Series.

In this practical workshop you will learn about Astanga, the role it plays in Yoga and a variety of poses and sequences you will experience in your next Ashtanga class. Lexi will use the core structure of the Ashtanga series from Sun salutations, Inversions … right through to working on the jump through from Down Dog..

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Yoga Nidra Feature Class

yoga nidraYoga Nidra or Yogic Sleep is the stage you are in between sleeping and waking. It is the deepest possible state of relaxation. Even when you sleep, your subconscious is still active which is why we dream. During Yoga Nidra, your mind is calm and your body is completely relaxed while your senses are still operating, making this the ultimate state of relaxation. Finding Yoga Nidra will calm your mind, reduce stress & anxiety, teach you how to observe your body and breath and improve life in general.

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Yoga Everyday 30 Day Challenge

Yoga Everyday 30 Day ChallengeSpring has Sprung so we all know what comes next… Summer! Looking for a kick start to that holiday season routine or to just get back in check with your Yoga practice? Got some goals to smash? We have the answer!

Our first 30 day challenge is kicking off on 1st October! We have 30 days stacked full of workshops and events to keep you motivated (plus of course our usual awesome regular classes!)

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Sun Salute Fundamentals Workshop

Sun Salute Fundamentals Workshop

So… you’ve been attending Yoga classes and you are enjoying it… but sometimes you feel lost and you are keen to learn and understand more? Or perhaps you’ve attended the Beginners Workshop or Beginners or Yoga Flow classes and you want to build your confidence or get a refresher? Then keep reading… this workshop might be for you!

Sun Salute A (Surya Namaskar A) is a regular flow that you’ll find in almost every Yoga class. The purpose of the sun salute is to warm your body up, and we typically move through it quite quickly in class. And we know that each teacher says different things and everyone around you is doing different things – we get it – it can be confusing!

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Healthy Hips – Hip Mobility, Stability & Functionality Workshop

Healthy Hips - Hip Mobility, Stability & Functionality Workshop

Activities and Stresses of our daily lives can cause our hips to lose their mobility and functionality, which can lead to problems throughout the entire body. Our emotional state also depends on the health of our nervous systems ability to send signals from the brain to the hips and through the spine.

By taking regular care of our hips we not only maintain the physical benefits but the emotional stability also. Leaving you feeling stronger and healthier each day and allowing your physical & mental health to flourish.

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Passionate Marketer Wanted! Part Time –10-15hrs p/week (approx.)

Yoga Everyday

**NOW FILLED** We are on the hunt for a passionate Marketer to join our team in a part time capacity, to take responsibility for all things Marketing!  We need a passionate, energetic, organised, goal focused, innovative, community minded person to help us take our business to the next level.

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YOGA STUDIO MANAGER – PART TIME 20-25 hours (approx.)

Yoga Everyday

** NOW FILLED ** We have an opportunity for a Part Time Studio Manager to join our team, as our current Studio Manager is moving onto a new role… as a Full Time Mum! We therefore need a passionate, energetic, organised, community minded person to join our team, and take over this super important role!

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