In this practical specialty class, Hannah will teach you about fascia and the role it plays within the body.

You will then get to use a variety of myofascial release balls and other props to work into all of your tight spots and release the fascia so you can keep moving freely.

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The Deep Relax | A Restorative Yoga Specialty Class

This 90-minute class is designed to leave you feeling centred and calm for 2020.

Every minute will be focused on you. Tailoring each position to your needs and your unique body, this class will be slow, welcoming and relaxing as we reset your nervous system and unwind you from the busy Christmas & New year season.

You’ll slow down, rebalance some of the typical ‘high energy new years resolution burst’ and connect back with yourself.

With new goals and a whole year of opportunity on the horizon, this class will teach you the important technique of slowing down, allowing you to step back, focus and prepare for your best year yet.

We’ll practice mindfulness exercises while holding deeply beneficial yoga poses, chosen to reflection and deep relation.

Only 13 spots available so bookings are essential.

Cost: $45 (includes an eye pillow to take home)
$25 for returnees (bring your previous eye pillow!)
When: Sunday 19th January | 6pm – 7.30pm
Duration: 1hr & 30mins
Teacher: Paula

** Please note that we do not offer any refunds if you are unable to attend this class as we have reserved this space specifically for you and spots are limited. Please double check your diary before purchasing your ticket to make sure you can attend.

Book now with Beginners Workshop & Kickstarter Package!

Interested in Yoga but wondering if it’s right for you? Heard about the many benefits but feeling a bit intimidated by some of the crazy positions you see on instagram? Looking for a comfortable, calm, relaxed learning environment to start Yoga, and begin to reap some of those benefits?

Then this Beginners Kickstarter Workshop Package is for you!

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Teacher Training – Information Session

Interest in participating in our 2020 teacher training program?
Come along to our information session to meet Stacey, our senior lead teacher trainer!

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Yin & Meditation | Fortnightly Class

Join Natalie for a one-hour class combining yin yoga and guided meditation to improve mobility and energy levels, plus boost mental and emotional equilibrium.

Cost: Normal class passes apply
Time: 4-5 pm
When: Fortnightly on Saturdays
Teacher: Natalie

Handstand Bootcamp with Kyle Weiger

Are you a Yogi keen on adding handstands into your current practice? Or are you already handstanding but keen to learn more tips and tricks so you can refine your technique?

We are excited to announce that international Handstand Coach, Kyle Weiger will be sharing his wisdom in November at a 2 day Handstand Bootcamp on inverting and body awareness.

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Glowga | Illuminate this Halloween

We’re turning the lights down this Halloween and getting our GLOWGA on!

Join Matt as he guides you through a 75-minute fun & uplifting flow, offering you an opportunity to be immersed in the experience of using all your senses & allowing you to truly shine & glow!

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Book your Yin & (Acupuncture) | Spring Equinox

The Spring Equinox is a time when day and night are at equal length, symbolizing balance. It is a time to shake off Winter, and let go of what no longer serves you. A time to embrace the rejuvenating energy of Spring and bring your focus and awareness to the new.

Join Yoga Teacher & Acupuncturist, Brendan, for a Yins and Pins class that will encourage balance, harmony, and create space in the body for illumination.

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Chillax |Restorative Yoga & Meditation Specialty Class

End your week in bliss so you feel restored and recharged to take on the week ahead. Join Paula for ‘Chillax’ – A Restorative Yoga Specialty Class.

Restorative Yoga is the ultimate form of self-care. In this special class, we’ll combine long holds in restorative positions with meditation – using our breath to guide our bodies to relax and let go of all the tension that we are holding, physically and mentally.

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Register to the Teacher Training Information Session

Interest in participating in our 2020 teacher training program?
Come along to our information session to meet Stacey, our senior lead teacher trainer!

This session will run for about 30 minutes and will include an overview from Stacey about what you can expect from the course, and will also allow you the opportunity to ask questions.

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